Mess - The Manual of Accidents and Mistakes

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Název: Mess - The Manual of Accidents and Mistakes
Autor: Keri Smith
Vydání: 1.
Nakladatel: Penguin Books
Rok vydání: 2010
ISBN: 978-1-846-14447-9
Počet stran: 224 s.
Vazba: Paperback
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In Mess, Keri Smith, creator of Wreck This Journal, asks readers to explore what it feels like to throw themselves off balance -- on purpose. Smith dares readers to drop some kind of coloured liquid (ink, tea, coffee) onto a page from a good height (at least five feet); draw in the dark (or with eyes closed); creatively misspell words; paint a picture in a water-based medium (pen, marker, watercolour, etc) and leave it out during a rain or snowstorm; and bury this book, then dig it up. This book is unlike any other you've encountered and will allow you to open yourself up to the possibility of creating something new and unexpected.